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VEENA-in-VIENNA (Sita & Subramanian)

Sita teaches 'Saraswathi Veena', a stringed instrument dating back to the ancient Vedic times and originating from South India. She learnt to play the Veena in the 'Guru-Shishya Parampara' tradition from the well known Srimathi 'Veenai' R. Jayalakshmi, in Chennai, India.
Back in the 1980’s Sita has played 'Veena' in All India Radio, Chennai, as a youth artiste. She has also given Veena Concerts in Hong Kong and in many parts of Austria.
Today she teaches 'Veena' to aspiring students in Vienna, Austria, as well as 'South Indian Carnatic classical vocal music', to those who enjoy to sing.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, September 21

18:00 CEST